How To Add Electricity To Your Hunting Stand

While every hunter may not like the idea of having electricity in their hunting stand, there’s no denying that being able to use a small fan during 90 degrees weather makes hunting slightly more enjoyable. And fans are only one small advantage that comes from running a little bit of electricity to your blind. That doesn’t mean you have to move the TV and refrigerator out there, you just have the option of a few small comforts during those long nights and early mornings.

For example, you can have an outlet that’s capable of charging your phone. Or perhaps an electronic cigarette lighter so you don’t have to light up the night sky every time you want a cigarette. Once you’ve spent some time in a stand that has running electricity, you’ll realize that it’s the way to go. From there, the question is, “How do I get electricity in my stand?”.

Here in Kissimmee, Florida you have two basic options if you’re interested in having electricity in your stand. The first option is to use battery power. The second option is to run wiring from your home if the stand is close enough to your property. Both of these options have their advantages and their setbacks. First, let’s consider the battery powered blind.

Option One: Batteries.

Using battery power is by far the more common option for hunters that like shooting while enjoying some of the luxuries that electricity offers. Using batteries means you don’t have to be in a close proximity to your home. You can convert any blind, just about anywhere, to a battery powered stand. The major concerns are what kind of battery should you use and what is going to power the battery.

Most 12 volt batteries will work just fine. It can be your standard sealed lead 12 volt battery from a car from a car or a heavy duty marine battery. At the end of the day, they do the job the same, just with some slight differences in their capacity.

As for powering the battery, your best option is to rely on solar power. One or two solar panels on the top of your blind should be more than enough to charge your batteries so that you can stay cool through the night.

It’s a good idea to work with a Kissimmee electrician to ensure that everything is properly wired and ventilated. You don’t want your 12-volt battery running inside the blind without proper ventilation. There are other safety concerns to address that are best left to trained electricians.

Option Two: Electrical Lines.

The second option most certainly requires the assistance of a Kissimmee electrician. It also requires a close proximity to your home. Electrical lines can be run from your house to the location of the blind. These lines are usually buried in the ground so that they aren’t disturbed.

The second option will be slightly more expensive, but you don’t have to worry about running out of battery power. Either way, your hunting stand now has running electricity.

Electrical Rewiring for A Gun Association

There are many building regulations that clubs and associations should be aware of, and some of them aren’t always obvious at first glance. For example, a Gun, Hunters, Archers and Fisherman association would probably pay a lot of attention to the licensing associated with those sports and activities, and would want to make sure that their membership records were well managed and their finances were up to date, but that’s not their only obligation.

Such a club of outdoor enthusiasts, fishers and hunters is likely to have a clubhouse or an association building, and the maintenance of that association is something that should be carefully considered. In Kissimmee, Florida, there are strict rules and regulations about the way that electrical work must be carried out, and this is something that a lot of groups fall foul of.

Let’s say that you have electrical issues. The clubhouse is decades old and there simply aren’t enough outlets for the blu-ray player, TV, computers, coffee makers and everything that the association needs. The system can’t be extended because it is all on one ring, and that just isn’t the way that things should be done these days for the kind of demand that modern appliances put on your wiring.

So, you need a full rewire. The old wires could even be a fire hazard! You might think that you have some DIY enthusiasts who are members of the gun association that you could use to do the job, right? Sadly, you can’t do that. It’s definitely not legal, and it’s probably not safe.

In Kissimmee, there are strict requirements – you must have a Kissimmee Electrician carry out the work – someone who is qualified and licensed by the authority in Florida to do the work, and to certify it so that it is known to be safe.

If you’ve already had work carried out by someone who is not recognized in Florida, then you may have to pay a lot of money for them to do a full inspection. If you haven’t done the work yet, don’t be tempted to cut corners. You won’t be able to get insurance once the work is done, you won’t be able to sell on the clubhouse at a later date, and you could find yourself in a very difficult situation if the association building is inspected. It’s just not worth it.

So, what should you do? Well, a gun association should be no stranger to the idea of having to comply with regulations. You can find lists of qualified electricians quite easily, or ask the local authority to help you identify one. Make sure that they are insured properly, and that they have all of the licenses required. Get a quote from them, and ask them to itemise it fully so that you know what you are getting, how much it will cost, and what will happen if you end up in a situation where the job proves more complicated than was expected. Talk to them about the situation in depth, and arrange milestone payments. Only pay for things by cheque, card or bank transfer – never cash, because that could be highly problematic if they decide to vanish without completing the job.

Get a certificate that shows who completed the job, when, and that it is safe. Keep this, because you may need it if you get inspected, or if you decide, at some point, that you need to sell the building. The importance of good record keeping is something that every gun association should be very well familiar with.

Shooting Associations: What Are They?

If you own any firearms or have been considering getting one, you have likely become aware of the different shooting associations that are around the country. While they are not all identical, you are probably wondering just what they are, and if you need to be a member of one. The truth is that membership in any of these organizations is far from necessary in order to own guns, but participating in them can truly enrich your experiences in owning, handling, and shooting the various firearms in your collection.

Shooting associations could be loosely defined as shooting clubs, as the social aspect of them is a major draw to many participants. A number of associations have relationships with shooting ranges, often having them meet certain criteria in terms of safety regulations and requirements in exchange for an endorsement or seal of approval. Whether it be at indoor ranges, outdoor ranges, or free range shooting events, associations are often the administrative organizations that put everything together so that gun owners can come together and practice their craft.

It is this participation in such organizations that can prove beneficial if you have anyone in your family that are not familiar with guns. Even if you keep your firearms locked up, you want safety to be the order of the day where you live, and giving everyone in your family basic knowledge about your guns goes a long way towards accomplishing this.

This is especially true if you have kids in the home. Their curiosity and ability to get into things they should not can be tragic. Giving them controlled, supervised exposure to your firearms can remove their interest and teach them to respect the matter carefully at home. The safe and proper ownership, storage, and use of guns are something that nearly every legitimate shooting association advocates and teaches, with resources for their members to take advantage of in such matters.

Advocacy for other matters varies from association to association though. Some shooting associations have tangible political bents to them, especially in terms of promoting the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution. They routinely inject themselves into policy debates at the municipal, state, and federal levels.

Other shooting associations are not so fervent about such matters. They may state their convictions remain aligned with the freedom of citizens to own weapons, but depending on the organization in particular, they may just be more focused on organizing contests and specific shooting events, serving as an organizer of competitive shooting.

The actual core focus of shooting organizations can vary. Some are national, open to all who own guns, whereas others might focus on specific styles of firearms, such as pistols or rifles. Some might even be brand oriented, being open to owners of Glocks or Sigs. Even more associations might focus on age groups, genders, and even particular states or regions.

If you own any guns, there is a shooting association out there for you, and membership often means access to useful resources, occasional discounts, and a chance to make friends with like-minded individuals.